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 Looking for higher yields? Yields as high as 7% are available with secondary market annuities.
Yields as high as 7% are available with secondary market annuities.
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Secondary Market Annuities

Secondary Market annuities may be attractive alternatives for those seeking annuity payments immediately or over a future time period of 1-10 years from today. These annuities are attractive because their yield is usually higher than those provided by annuities purchased directly from an insurance company. Yields on these annuities range from 4-7% today. Buying a new annuity in the primary annuity market is like buying a new car from the factory. When you order a new car from the factory you can get all the options that suit you and your budget. In similar fashion, an immediate annuity purchased directly from an insurance company can be tailored to your objectives providing you with the income you want, when you want it for as long as you want that income. Secondary market annuities are immediate annuities that are already in force and owned by another annuitant. They are providing monthly or annual payments to their owners now or are scheduled to start payments at some time over the next few years. Buyers of the secondary market annuities are similar to used car buyers. They shop for the annuities that have the features they want. They don’t have the choices that primary market annuities offer. However, if they can find the annuity with the features they like, they can obtain real value and get a much better return on their investment.

Sources of Secondary Market Annuities

The two major sources of secondary market annuities are structured settlements and state lottery winnings. Structured settlement annuities are often used to settle a law suit. Instead of paying a lump sum in cash to settle the law suit, a defendant in an automobile accident may accept a stream of income payments. The payments are made by an insurance company in the form of an immediate annuity. State lottery winners usually take their winning as a series of annual payments. When annuitants need cash, they enter into an agreement to assign irrevocably their annuity payments to a factor that buys the assignment of annuity payments for other investors.

Secondary market annuity opportunities

Secondary market annuities are attractive because similar term primary market annuities pay less income. The difference arises out of the lack of information in the financial markets and the needs current annuitants have to obtain immediate cash in lieu of monthly or annual payments. The most common type of annuities available in this market is the period certain annuity. This annuity pay a specified monthly or annual payment for a specific number of years. Some of these annuities are already paying each month or each year in which case the buyer would be assigned the future payment stream. Other annuities are scheduled to start payment sometime in the future.

AnnuityExpress works with potential secondary market purchasers in defining goals and objectives for a secondary market purchase. Once we have developed the parameters for the client, we work with factors, wholesalers and others market participants. We look daily at the new secondary market annuities available and compare their features with those purchasers desire. When we find a match, we present it to the prospective purchaser and arrange for a purchase if requested. Setting the goals and searching the market take time and patience. However, when a match is found it can be very rewarding.

Recent Secondary Market Annuities Placed
Company Investment Payment Amount Guaranteed Payment Mode Number Of Payments Guaranteed
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First Payment start date Annualized Return on investment
Metropolitan Life
Prudential life
Illinois State Lottery
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