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AnnuityExpress.net is a partnership of two veteran annuity professionals, Paul A. Castagna CLU and Frank Lavin, ChFC, CFP®. We have been working in the immediate annuity market since 1973 providing immediate annuity services. Frank and Paul have been working together for over 25 years and provide you with over 65 years of annuity experience. You can read the individual resume and licensing information for Paul and Frank by visiting:


Our service is designed for individuals that just want the facts about the various immediate annuity options and desire the most currently competitive rates for the annuities. While we have a national network of agents that can visit with you locally if you choose, most of our prospective clients prefer to handle their business on the phone and online without the pressure of a face to face visit with a salesperson.

The immediate annuity market is one of the most dynamic financial markets in America. Because of the high reserves required by the insurance companies to back the immediate annuities they underwrite, insurance companies limit their allocations of company reserves to this product line. When they achieve that limit, they price their products at a much higher profit level to compensate for the reserves allocated. As a result, companies literally come in and out of the immediate annuity market weekly. Therefore, companies vary weekly in their competitive stature and it is our business to be tuned into the daily changes in the market. When you receive a market survey from us, you have a view of the current market for your specific annuity over the short term. Since most quotes have a short life of 2 weeks or less, we usually will provide several market surveys or quotes before a prospective client decides on a plan.

We don’t provide real time quotes on line simply because many insurance companies do not permit their rates to be available through a national database. To get you the most competitive rates, we go the extra mile and wait for all companies to submit their quotes. We ask for quotes for all companies available to independent agents rated A or better regardless of how competitive the companies may be. We do this because companies change their competitive position frequently. Moreover, many companies tend to specialize in different types of annuity options and demographics thereby making some normally non-competitive companies attractive for specific types of plans.

We are, of course, available to help you in selecting the best options for your personal situation as well as provide guidance on company strength. Call us at anytime at our toll free number 888.844.8175.

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