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Immediate annuities we quote:
  1. Period Certain - pays for a specific term between 10 and 25 years.
2. Single Life - pays for the life of one person.
3. Joint & Survivor - pays for as long as one of two people is alive.
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When you buy an immediate annuity, you trade a defined sum of cash for a steady stream of payments for a period of time that you choose including for life. The concept is similar to what defined pension plans used to provide. But more people today are entering retirement with 401(k) plans and IRA’s that need to be turned into a certain and predictable stream of revenue to support retirement living.

There are different factors that determine the amount of the payouts including your age, sex, length of payout and inheritance issues. The experts at Annuity Express can help you manage your choices. Call then to discuss your retirement objectives and whether an immediate annuity is right for you. Remember that an immediate annuity can help you:

  • Security
    • Protect your retirement income against the swings of the stock market
    • Provide a predictable steam of income to cover living expenses
  • Safety and Simplicity
    • The payments are guaranteed by the assets of the insurance company
    • The insurance company handles the investments rather than an individual having to watch market
  • High Returns because insurance companies generally pay higher interest rates that CDs or Treasury rates
  • Preferred tax treatment create a tax advantages if you use tax-deferred money to fund it

Call Annuity Express today or fill out our request form and we will help you decide if an immediate annuity is right for you.

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